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our services

We serve our customers

Engineered Mechanical Systems employees, who are partners in our success, vigorously uphold our mission statement for every project we tackle. Our customers have helped us tremendously and their support of our commitment has enabled Engineered Mechanical Systems to extend our operation into other branches of Industry.

We pledge to provide distinctive quality and unparalleled customer service as we strive to gain the respect and trust of our customers, suppliers and  vendors.

Because our entire staff of shares our vision of distinctive quality and unparalleled service, we are headed for greater success.

our core values
  • Distinctive Quality
  • Unparalleled Customer Service
  • Customer Satisfaction 


We strive to be your one-stop shop for fabrication projects big and small.

We can work with all plastics, metals, stainless steels, and alloys to build your products to your requirements with the best-in-class machines to ensure quality and workmanship.


We are equipped to work with a variety of metals and even nonmetallic materials.

This allows us to serve numerous types of industries including medical, automotive, food, manufacturing, energy as well as aeronautic and nuclear.


We house a wide-variety of specialized machinery that allows us to complete everything from small, intricate parts all the way to full scale large machined assemblies. Our machines enable us to quickly and accurately produce the parts you need.

precision laser cutting

We have over 150 years of combined experience in high-quality laser cutting and produce 15-20 tons of laser cut products every day. With 8 precision TRUMPF lasers, we can handle projects big and small with the speed and accuracy you need.

Reverse engineering

Our Faro Laser Tracker Vantage S is the perfect tool for machine leveling, machine alignment, large part inspection and so much more. Our Faro Focus S150 allows us to capture massive amounts of data and export geometries into multiple design software’s and take accurate measurements of just about anything. Click below for more details...

rapid prototyping​​​​

We are equipped for almost any scenario imaginable, and even some you haven't thought of yet.

Click below for more details.

HAVe questions?

Our qualified and experienced staff is here to help you.  Just click the button below to request a call and they'll be in touch to discuss your unique needs and delve into how we can help you.

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