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Can You REALLY Charge A Phone With A Potato?

You may have heard about it already. Potato batteries are well-known and often made in science classes. But did you know you could charge a

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Top 10 Gift Ideas For Curious Engineers

Hunting down the perfect Christmas gifts for your friends and family becomes more difficult each year. Avoiding the possibility of giving the dull gift, the

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Deepwater Sponges Inspire the Next Generation of Bridges and Skyscrapers

Have you ever walked through a covered bridge or built a metal storage shelf? If so, you've seen diagonal lattice architectures. This type of design uses

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Engineers Create Free-Roaming, Shape-Shifting Robot

Are you an engineer who’s looking for inspiration for your latest project?  Stanford University Engineers recently created a groundbreaking invention that might be just what

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12 Engineering Mistakes That Worked Out

Not everything created matches the blueprint. There are times engineers finish a project before realizing there's a big problem with their design.Problems arise from poor

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Extreme Engineering: Megastructure-Building Machines

There is something gratifying about watching machines build masterpieces. When it comes to the mega-sized ones, it gets even more enjoyable. Have you ever wondered what

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Engineering at Home: Build a Mousetrap Car

Did you know there are simple and fun crafts you can make to share engineering at home with your kids? Building a mousetrap car is

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Designing Dream Machines — A Look at the Engineering Process

The X-factor — it’s not just aesthetics but also understanding your market and who will buy your product.  From kettles to cars, it’s essential to

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Engineering at Home: Make Your Own Lightbulb

Are you an engineer who loves to build things for fun? Or maybe you’re helping your child with a science project for school.No matter what

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The Engineering Behind a One-of-a-Kind Dubai Megastructure

Dubai’s economy was built on oil profits, but 1991 estimates revealed that their crude supply would dry up by 2016. As it turned out, this

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